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My favourite medium is oil, whether on canvas, paper, wood or board. As a painter, I portray a surrealistic vision of life through art.


For me, sculpture is a form of multi-dimensional drawing.


My first formal paid work was as a writer of comic scripts for Chiqui de la Fuente, one of the most famous Spanish illustrators.


Is the form of visual art that I have studied and practiced the most. Drawing has given me the most recognition from art critics and fellow artists.


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The art of portraiture has always been a specific vocation, and in Fernando Asián’s case it shows a deep interest that is both anthropological and aesthetic in nature...

Each of his portraits is like an act of trust in the human condition and its ability to be self -sufficient.

Néstor Leal
Writer and Art Critic.

Asian certainly isn’t an artist to limit himself to the safe confines of his magisterial pen and ink drawings. Rather he is always keen to explore themes and techniques, bringing to life some of his previously disconnected symbols in a single work, whilst placing images from the European tradition into a tropical setting.

Enrique Romero
Museologist and Art Critic

The quality and transparency of his drawings is amazing.

He draws with the finest of lines, weaving them into a web of myriad threads with the artistry of a goldsmith.

What appear to be disjointed elements of his drawing actually come together in secret and poetic ways that the artist has woven with the stealth of a magician.

Cesar David Rincón
Poet and Art Critic

Without doubt Asian is one of the stars of the so-called Zulian school of Latin American painting.  During the seventies this group of young men stunned the whole American continent with the originality and variety of their style, and with their knowledge, understanding and dedication.  It was an era full of future great masters.  In drawing, above all others, Fernando Asian excelled.

Omar Uribe

Asian has a fine-tuned sensitivity and the discipline of his work gives him the maturity needed to achieve complex results by simple means.  His knowledge of art history, artists and paintings, undeniably his domain, together with his absolute capacity for work, puts him well on the way to achieving these valuable goals.

Sergio Antillano
Journalist and Art Critic



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